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z New Technology from Keydrill

New Technology from Keydrill

Fast Pulse MWD System

The KeyDrill downhole tool and surface tandem has proven that it successfully operates at a respectable pulse width of 0.375 second (1.4bps) in the field. KeyDrill has recently teamed up with a third party to achieve a true “Fast Pulse” system with pulse widths down to 0.125 second (4 bps) MWD system. The MWD system easily passed its flow-loop test on September 18, 2018 as seen in the following videos:

4-bits per second (0.125 second pulse width)

2-bits per second (0.25 second pulse width)

MPU Special Features

  • Continuous Inclination - RInc

    RInc provides real-time continuous inclination of the MWD tool while drilling. Technology developed at KeyDrill significantly improves RInc measurement reliability and accuracy. The field data below demonstrates the accuracy we have accomplished as compared with the survey data:

  • Continuous Azimuth – RAzm

    RAzm provides real-time continuous Azimuth of the MWD tool while drilling. KeyDrill’s RAzm makes continuous Azimuth possible and will provide confidence in wellbore direction for drillers while drilling.

  • Stick-Slip Index or Delta RPM measurement

    Recent firmware improvements to KeyDrill’s MPU have integrated rapid internal RPM detection. This feature provides for stick-slip monitoring and delta RPM detection without turning on the directional sensor for improved battery efficiency. The Stick-Slip Index (SSI) and Delta RPM (DRPM) are transmitted to the surface to give the driller valuable information about drilling conditions.

  • Downhole Alert System - DAS

    KeyDrill has developed an alert system that doesn’t require programming into the tool sequence to monitor critical data. It allows for quicker surveys and better logs by conserving bandwidth to be used for other data.

  • Real-time Rotation Detection Systems - RTRD

    RTRD eliminates the need for a rotation flag and is used to resync the receiver system with the downhole tool without re-cycling mud pumps. It significantly reduces down time, increases ROP, and maximizes data efficiency.

Continuous Azimuth RINC image

Short Strongback MWD systems

KeyDrill’s new MPU design integrates the MPU and TPS into one module. KeyDrill’s Short Strongback is only 14 inches long, less than half of the standard Tensor-style strongback.


KeyDrill’s Rotational / Azimuthal Gamma Module - KRG

The KRG detects gamma values and create up to 8 bins images real-time as well as up to 16 bins from memory. It also provides more precise total gamma. The KRG is particularly valuable in Shale Reservoir Development (SRD) and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) drilling, where the real-time borehole images facilitate geosteering and provide the formation’s structural data. The gamma ray data can identify the top or bottom boundary in CBM. This single LWD tool delivers superior value for unconventional reservoir well placement and evaluation as well as CBM drilling applications.

KRG Data Chart
KRG Data Chart

KeyDrill’s Pressure-While-Drilling Tool - KPWD

KPWD measures the annular (APWD), drill pipe (IPWD) and differential (DPWD) pressures, as well as the downhole temperature (ATMP) during no-flow, drilling, wiping, or tripping out of the hole. It allows the driller to “see and feel” the dynamic behavior of the drilling fluid. With this crucial information, the driller can make better decisions in real-time to improve drilling efficiency. Rig safety is also improved by helping to avoid potentially dangerous well control issues. The KPWD can be used in many applications including underbalanced, extended-reach, high pressure, high temperature drilling, and deep-water wells.

Keydrill KPWD Field Data Plot Image