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KeyDrill Positive Stepper Pulser (PSP)

P/N 204-0001


KeyDrill’s Positive Step Pulser (PSP) encodes MWD telemetry into a sequence of pressure surges (positive pulse) in the mud column by restricting mud flow through a reciprocating poppet. The tool is fully retrievable and replaceable. The PSP is a drop in replacement servo pulser module that is fully compatible with the QDT-Tensor MWD system. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies to achieve significant improvements in performance.

The PSP is available with Piston or Bladder style oil compensation based on the customer’s preference. Combined with servo motor technology, the KeyDrill PSP has excellent power efficiency and offers more accurate control than the legacy Tensor solenoid pulser.

KeyDrill Positive Stepper Pulser (PSP)
PSP Product Brochure (English)
脉冲发生器 (MWD PSP).pdf (Chinese)