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KeyDrill Rotational Gamma Module (KRG)

P/N 202-0001


KeyDrill’s Rotational / Azimuthal Gamma Module (KRG) can detect and transmit real-time gamma borehole images in four sections (High Gamma, Low Gamma, Left Gamma and Right Gamma). It also provides precise total gamma ray and near-bit inclination information while drilling. The KRG is particularly valuable in Shale Reservoir Development (SRD) and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) drilling, where the real-time borehole images facilitate geosteering and provide the formation’s structural information. The spectral gamma ray data provide for interpretation of the shale reservoir’s organic richness and clay content in SRD and identify the top or bottom boundary in CBM. This single LWD tool delivers superior value for unconventional reservoir well placement and evaluation as well as CBM drilling applications.

KRG Product Brochure (English)
定向伽马短节 (MWD KRG).pdf (Chinese)
KeyDrill Rotational Gamma Module (KRG)