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KeyDrill Programming Box (KPB)

KeyDrill Programming Box (KPB)

P/N 116-0001


The KeyDrill Programming Box (KPB) enables direct communication between Mud Pulse MWD Tools and a laptop computer without need of a MWD receiver system. It is small and lightweight for easy transport in the shop or field, making it a popular tool among MWD Technicians and Operators alike. When using a Rig Floor Decoder such as the KeyDrill KDU, remote configuration can be performed without moving the KDU to the shack.

KeyDrill Programming Box (KPB)
KPB Product Brochure (English)
测试盒 (KPB).pdf (Chinese)

What's Included?


KPB Includes:

  • 1ea 116-0001 - KeyDrill Programming Box
  • 1ea 414-0012 - AC Power Cord
  • 1ea 414-0011 - Cable, A to B USB 2.0, Black, 6'
  • 1ea 502-0012 - Case, Waterproof, Black