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12" KeyDrill Decoding Unit Mini (KDU-mini)

P/N 127-0001


The 12” KeyDrill Decoding Unit (KDU-Mini) combines the functionality of a Laptop, Rig Floor Display and Wireless Transceiver Set into one system. The pressure transducer connects directly to the KDU-Mini which acquires, processes, and decodes the mud-pulses generated by the downhole MWD tools. The decoded data is then sent wirelessly to the laptop computer in the trailer where it can be viewed, plotted and further analyzed on a laptop computer. This is a complete surface system that is compatible with most popular Q-Bus and CAN-Bus Mud Pulse MWD tools.

KeyDrill Decoding Unit Mini (KDU-mini)
KDU Mini Product Brochure (English)
12 英寸凯钻小型解码器 (KDU-Mini) (Chinese)
KDU Mini Set Up Sheet