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KeyDrill Decoding Unit (KDU)

P/N 126-0001


The KeyDrill Decoding Unit (KDU) combines the functionality of a Laptop, Mud Pulse Decoder, Rig Floor Display and Wireless Transceiver Set into one system. It is certified to Class 1 Division 2 for use on the rig floor, giving the operator the same information as seen on the computer in the trailer. The pressure transducer connects directly to the KDU which acquires, processes, and decodes the mud–pulses generated by the downhole MWD tool. The decoded data is then sent wirelessly to the laptop computer in the trailer where it can be viewed, plotted and further analyzed. This is a complete surface system that is compatible with most popular Q-Bus and CAN-Bus Mud Pulse MWD tools.

KeyDrill Decoding Unit (KDU)
KDU Product Brochure (English)
KDU Set Up Sheet
解码器 (KDU).pdf (Chinese)

What's Included?


KDU Includes:

  • 1ea. P/N 601-0001 - KeyDrill Decoder Unit (KDU)
  • 2ea. P/N 114-0005 - Antenna, Mag Mounted, Black
  • 2ea. P/N 504-0001 - Spring Snap Link, 1/2", Zinc Plated
  • 1ea. P/N 504-0002 - Chain, 1-1/4" Link, 3', Zinc Plated Steel
  • 1ea. P/N 126-0002 - Power Cable (KDU)
  • 1ea. P/N 126-0003 - Cable, KDU COM1/USB1/USB2, 18"
  • 1ea. P/N 414-0018 - Cable, Ethernet, 150'
  • 1ea. P/N 126-0006 - KDU Base Radio
  • 1ea. P/N 414-0015 - Cable Assy., KeyDrill Mini Config
  • 1ea. P/N 602-0002 - USB Drive Loaded w/ Software and Manuals
  • 1ea. P/N Software - Decoding Software
  • 1ea. P/N 502-0018 - Case, Waterproof, Black