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KeyDrill GammaPlus Realtime Logger (GRL)

KeyDrill GammaPlus Realtime Logger (GRL)

P/N 160-0001


With strong recording and processing capability, KeyDrill GammaPlus RealTime Logger is able to manage all WITS data and display the information on the monitor.

Through the user-friendly interface, you can manage and manipulate job and statistic information fast and easily.

KeyDrill GammaPlus RealTime Logger functions perfectly in tandem with the KeyDrill Receiver software on a single computer or a serial cable can be used to receive WITS data from a third party program. The KeyDrill solution is more efficient and economical than the competitionís products, and has all the necessary features.

KeyDrill GammaPlus Realtime Logger (GRL)      

GammaLogger In Action
GRL Product Brochure (English)