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KeyDrill Pressure While Drilling Module (KPWD)

P/N 208-0001


Downhole mud pressure is one of the most important pieces of information the driller can have to gain a sense of what is happening while drilling. The KeyDrill Pressure While Drilling tool (KPWD) measures the annular (APWD), drill pipe (IPWD) and differential (DPWD) pressures, as well as the downhole temperature (ATMP) during no-flow, drilling, wiping, or tripping out of hole. It allows the driller to “see and feel” the dynamic behavior of the drilling fluid. With this crucial information, the driller can make better decisions in real-time to improve drilling efficiency. Rig safety is also improved by helping to avoid potentially dangerous well control problems. The KPWD can be used in many applications including underbalanced, extended-reach, high pressure, high temperature drilling and deep-water wells.

KeyDrill Positive Stepper Pulser (PSP)
KPWD Product Brochure (English)
井下压力短节 KPWD (Chinese)